Top Remington 700 Models for the Interested Buyers

You cannot talk about rifles without mentioning the Remington 700. Tested and tried for just about any scenario there is, the 700 has always come on top consistently. There’s a reason why it has remained the rifle of choice for military and enforcement personnel in both the USMC and the Army.

If you’re hoping to buy your very first Remington 700, you’ll find that the brand has several varieties under the name. This can be confusing to the inexperienced buyer. To help you escape the headache of determining which model is going to work best for you, we list down some of the top choices that the 700 has to offer.

Model 700 CDL

A premium rifle best used for hunting, the 700 CDL is based on the traditional look of the 700 as it was first introduced in the market in 1962. Highly regarded for its accuracy, this is one dependable rifle and is highly favored among collectors and hunters alike. If the top hunting rifle is what you’re looking for, the 700 CDL will always come up in the discussion. Only a few rifles out there can top this Remington offering as far as taking everything that you will throw its way. All you have to do is choose your favorite handy scope and you’re all set. You’ll love that the CDL models all come with a stock made from American walnut and has a satin finish to complete a very elegant look. It also comes with several calibers for you to choose from.

Model 700 CDL SF

This model showcases the vintage design of the Remington 700 that everybody has since known and loved. Considered as one of Remington’s sub-model on the top-end, its fluted barrel is made of stainless steel, which accounts for the SF on its name. Available in a variety of calibers, the CDL SF model enjoys weight reduction and better shooting consistency, thanks mainly to the stainless steel material of its fluted barrel. Depending on gun caliber, a CDL SF could weigh around 7 1/2 lbs. to 7 5/8 lbs. 

Model 700 BDL

If you’re looking for a deluxe variant that is also very much like the CDL where functionality goes but one that has a stock that is slightly different, the 700 BDL will work best for you. The BDL is very much like the CDL models as they feature a similar American walnut finish. However, the BDL features a different appearance and features a much lighter finish. The model has a cheekpiece that is slightly raised along with a unique checkering pattern. It is also one of the few Remington 700 models with built-in sight. It’s also notable that the BDL is available at considerably smaller barrels.

SPS Varmint

One of the cheapest among the 700 models, this is mainly due to its stock design. The 700 model has always been known for its classic feel and look, thanks mainly to its traditional stock design that is made from wood. The SPS, on the other hand, features a synthetic stock. Buyers that aren’t really going to make a big deal out of aesthetics will not mind too much the SPS’ synthetic stock. This is, after all, a great introduction to those that want to enjoy the quality of Remington rifles without having to pay for the rather hefty price for a gun.

The rifle also offers a black matter finish and doesn’t really have that much to offer as far as features that makes it particularly stand out. Generally, people go for this model for its price. It is available in a number of calibers, all of which feature barrels that are 26 inches long.

Varmint SF

Essentially, this is very much the same rifle as the SPS but with a few upgrades. In place of the blue and matte barrel that the SPS has, the SF has a polished finish of stainless steel, lending to the rifle’s overall sleeker appearance. This sub-model also features six flutes— designed to not only improve the cooling as well as decrease the weight.

Perhaps the main thing that really sets the SF apart from SPS is the two swivel studs located right at the stock front. This makes it possible for the user to have a bipod attached to the stock with such ease. Just like the SPS, the SF also features barrels with a 26-inch length.

700 VTR

The VTR, which stands for Varmint-Target Rifle, is another excellent rifle for long-range use that is designed to offer maximum precision. Compared to the other Varmint vareities, the VTR is significantly smaller. Its calibers come with barrels of 22-inch length.

The two most prominent features setting the VTR variant from the rest are the ported barrel design and the triangular barrel contour. This change in the contouring of the barrel is aimed at reducing recoil as well as muzzle rise. The stock is quite like the Varmint SPS, but in place of the black color scheme, it features a Dark Earth tone instead. There are also grip panels that are colored black over the parts along the stock front.

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