Remington 700 Notable Variants You Should Consider When Buying a Rifle

The Remington 700 features bolt action that can be operated manually. It also contains 2 dual-opposed forward lugs. The cartridge base is completely enclosed by a bolt face that is much lower. It has an extractor in the form of a C-clip that settles right inside the bolt. The bolt face ejector serves as the plunger and a coil spring is used to get it activated. There are 3 brazed pieces that make up the bolt including the bolt body, head and handle. A cross-section circular steel mills the receiver.

Several varieties of the 700 are out there. It is possible to add a variety of machine configurations to the rifle as well. For instance, you can have detachable box magazines, standard magazines with a floorplate, and a blind magazine without the floorplate to the rifle. Some of the model’s versions are intended for general public use. However, there are specific variants intended for use by the military and the police, some of the versions will even include such accessories as slings and bipods and many others.

Standard Variants of the Remington 700 Model

One variant of the Remington 700 is the Mountain LSS version. This features a stainless steel barrel and a laminated stock. The SPS Varmint is another variant that contains a laminated stock and a weighty barrel. This is specifically designed as a rifle for varmint hunting. For quite some time, the 700 ADL variant was the cheapest of the Remington models. Eventually, the place was taken by the 700 SPS or Special Purpose Synthetic.

The 700 rifle has been in production since 1966. The rifle is designed to get loaded right along the muzzle. Back in 2000, EtronX model featured a built-in electronic ignition system. However, the primers were only able to stay around commercially for three years and the production came to an abrupt stop due to the models being not that successful among consumers.

What’s notable with the Remington 700 is their classic and reliable bolt-action and easily recognizable design. The rifle also feels amazing when held. All these qualities which the brand has kept over the years have really helped ensure that it remains a favorite rifle among sharpshooters enforcing the law. It has even continued to be involved with military action via the M40 and M24 in the USMC and the Army.

Remington 700 CDL

This is one premium rifle for hunting that is designed based on the traditional 1962 model. Many people know this particular variant for its dependability and accuracy.

Remington 700 CDL SF

Featuring the vintage Remington design that every gun owner has known and loved over the years, this deluxe shooting rifle is one of the brand’s high-end submodels thanks to its fluted barrel made of stainless steel. As far as accuracy and dependability go, this variant can easily stand toe to toe with the CDL.

Remington 700 BDL

Another deluxe model, it features a Walnut finish that is the same for the other CDL variants. The design is a call back to the Monte Carlo finish, with the difference being that this is a little on the lighter side.

Remington 700 SPS Varmint

Notable for being cheaper compared to the other Remington models, the SPS Varmint is more affordable thanks to the way its stock is designed. These sub-models have synthetic stocks, instead of the traditional one that the rest of the sub-models are equipped with. If you don't really mind what the gun appears like, this is one model that will get you the quality of the Remington 700 minus having to shell out a hefty sum.

Remington 700 Varmint SF

This is virtually the same rifle as the SPS Varmint but with a few minor upgrades. The rifle has a polished finish of stainless steel that lends a much sleeker look to the gun. It also features a barrel with six flutes, specifically designed to improve cooling as well as reduce the overall weight of the rifle.

Remington 700 VTR

The VTR or Varmint Target Rifle is a very capable long-range gun designed to offer maximum precision to the shooter. While it is significantly smaller compared to the rest of the varmint variants, all the calibers for the VTR are all available with a barrel length of 22 inches.

Remington 700 VLS

Quite like the Varmint SPS in terms of functionality, the difference between the two is that the VLS features a laminated stock. In place of the black matte synthetic design, what the VLS has is a finish of laminated wood grain, lending a vintage appeal to the rifle.

Remington 700 XCR Tactical

Several perks await XCR Tactical users to make up for the hefty price. Users will enjoy the extra protection provided by the barrel, thanks to its additional layer of PVD coating. This is most useful at preventing wear and tear.

Remington 700 Long Range

This sub-model is designed to support long-action type calibers. It is a good choice for those hunters of big game. The rifle is equipped with a synthetic Bell & Carlson stock along with a block made of aluminum.

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