Remington 700 Models Chassis— Why it is Important

The 700 models come in several variants. Every one of these choices can have various magazine configurations. For instance, there’s a traditional magazine equipped with removable floorplates, a box magazine that can be detached, and a blind magazine minus the floorplate.

A Remington without the chassis is only a trigger, bolt minus any furniture, barrel and stock. The engineers have indeed done an impressive job with the design and you always have the option to get any of the cost-effective factory stock exchanged with something more professional and equipment. The addition of a professional chassis can make a huge difference not only to your shooting experience but also in how accurate the rifle will be.

Benefits of a rifle chassis

There are a number of upsides you can expect for equipping your gun with a rifle chassis. Among these are:

  • Better-improved accuracy

Accuracy is improved thanks to the ability of the chassis to eliminate any point of contact between the stock and the barrel. When you have a free-floating barrel, you can enjoy a more improved accuracy for every shot you make. These types of barrels are also easier to check. In order to determine that everything is in order, inserting a paper right smack between the barrel and chassis shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Allow the attachment of a variety of other equipment

A good chassis will make it possible for the shooter to get additional accessories and equipment attached to the rifle via Picatinny rails or M-Lok interface. There’s a whole host of important things you should consider installing. This includes level, bipod, night vision, and a scope attachment among others.

  • Adjustments can be made to better fit the experience and skills of the shooter

You want to be able to carry out many adjustments on your rifle. You will find that it will be less challenging to make a good shot when you have a rifle that you’re quite comfortable shooting. There are chassis that will even allow you to make a tool-less adjustment on the buttstock.

  • A folding buttstock

Having a folded stock allows you to transport a rifle with more convenience. It helps keep the rifle compact as well as easier to carry. This is one useful and outstanding feature that you certainly will want to invest on.

  • The shooter is enabled to use magazines

Modern chassis is responsible for making it possible for a shooter to use different types of ACIS-pattern magazines. There are a number of them out there in the market today from MDT to Magpul. Shooters can now choose a magazine from the number of available brands out there and choose brands that are going to have a much higher capacity.

  • You get a bag rider

The bag rider will be integrated into the chassis or just attached when necessary. It serves as a special plate located along the rear part of the stock that is responsible for providing the necessary rest on the shooting bags. A bag rider will also ensure a more leveled recoil transfer towards the shooter’s shoulder. This accessory may be small but it can be expensive. However, it is very useful so it will be well worth the investment.

  • You can enjoy the swivel locations of the QD sling

This is useful in the sense that it will make it possible for the shooter to get the sling attached. After all, carrying a heavy rifle on your hands at all times is never going to be easy.

When a professional chassis is added to the rifle, the gun will be able to accept pistol grips for AR-15. As a result, you can enjoy a better and more improved rifle handling and shooting experience


You do want to see to it that the chassis you are getting are comfortable to the specific Remington 700 rifle model that you own. The Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) Remington 700 Chassis is a weapon with a modular chassis made of aluminum. It is highly known for its overall accuracy. The chassis combines the characteristics of the AR-15 and M16 platforms along with the precision that only a rifles on a bench rest can only provide. Considering how the chassis is designed and developed in a straight line, each of the shot-recoil will get forced back towards the rear of the rifle. As a result, the muzzle will not rise and this could lead to you shooting straight while also hitting whatever it is you are aiming at.

You can choose to have a detachable box magazine attached to the gun as well as the metal portion at the bottom of the rifle is specifically configured to meet this specific purpose. Right at the top of the aluminum forend and receiver, a Picatinny rail is positioned, which should lend more stabilization to the shooter to ensure a more accurate shot. Like any type of modular weapon, there’s a wide array of modifications that you can implement to the 700 Chassis. Among these modifications are accessories for the AR-15. Other accessories you should consider include a receiver extension tube and a buttstock.

Our triggers are compatible with a majority of the rifle chassis and 700 actions and clones.

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