An In-Depth Look at the Remington 700 SPS Varmint

An In-Depth Look at the Remington 700 SPS Varmint

The SPS line of the Remington 700 is quite unique. Its goal is to deliver a 700 model action that is reliable and durable with a chassis that’s specifically designed for long-range shooting and maximum precision for no-game and small-sized animals. While it is true that any gun, provided that it will have the necessary power, could provide the same results. What sets the SPS apart is the fact that it offers a unique design that Remington took the money, effort and time to put together.

Action and Shooting

The SPS’ bolt-action operation mirrors that on the legendary 700. Most of the allure of this model is mainly due to its action. This rifle has guts that have been built on decades of tradition, so in terms of function, this should expel any possible doubt you’ll have. This is a highly enjoyable rifle where there is little to no recoil. You’ll love how its butt sits quite nicely, making for highly accurate shooting without any need for a bench or a bipod. Of course, results would highly depend on how accomplished a shooter you are. But this varmint rifle is designed for long-range marksmanship and accuracy, thanks to its built-in disposition. If you’re only targeting smaller animals, heavy bullets aren’t really necessary. This allows for recoil, to be effectively managed with the SPS.

Stocks and Variants

The 700 offers a wide array of variants with a number of stock options. In terms of stock, the Varmint SPS features one with molded plastic. Perhaps if there is one thing that is disappointing as far as this model goes, it would be the stock. Most people would probably have this part of the rifle modified. Besides, getting it changed will help free-float your barrel.

If you plan on getting anything changed once you get your rifle it is best to wait a bit first before you do. You want to make sure that the barrel has been broken in for a little bit before introducing any changes. Make sure to shoot at least two or so boxes of ammunition that are on the higher end of the spectrum to allow the barrel to break in. The ammo you use at the beginning can have a huge difference to allow you to see the true performance of the rifle.

Magazines and Sights

The Varmint SPS is equipped with internal magazine that is designed to hold 4 rounds plus 1. The rest of the Varmint calibers are only able to hold 3 rounds plus 1. The 700 Police DM, which has a .308 chamber has a 10-round magazine which is detachable, making it different from the rest of the 700 firearm line. The rest of the models all feature internal magazine with 3 to 6 rounds capacity.

The model isn’t equipped with sights, but it has a receiver that is tapped and drilled for optics. Back in the day, there were variants of the 700, the BDL and the ADL that were equipped with iron sights.

Assembly and Safety

The varmint has the classic S/F mechanism that is quite the same as the other 700s. These are guns that are supposed to be used not only in the field but in the ranch as well. They are designed to remove ad hunt pests. However, one must be always on the lookout for the chance of the switch getting moved by a branch or a tree to the F position. It wouldn’t hurt to remember the most important cardinal rules when it comes to guns— in terms of safety, it is always the owner, never the gun. The safety on the rifle is just but a backup. However, in terms of safety, the simple mechanism featured on the Varmint SPS should be more than enough. Just see to it that you will always adhere to the shooting rules the very moment you pick your firearm up.

Remington 700 Accessories

Getting the 700 customized should be easy but this needs to be done in accordance with your specific variant and how you intend to use it. A few accessories that you need to consider includes:

  • Slings- Considered as the bread and butter of every hunter, even something as lightweight as the 700 will feel considerably heavy if you have to carry it around all day. Alleviating the weight is easy by adding a sling. It makes it easier for you to stabilize your stance as well as get the gun into position.
  • Sights, Optics- While this is not necessarily true for all Remington 700s, many carriers would choose to mount a scope or a red dot on the rifle. In terms of getting optics or sights, see to it that you’re only getting the best that you can find. It can make all the difference, especially in terms of long-range shooting. Do note that it’s possible for a telescopic sight to get priced about half of the actual rifle.
  • Stocks- This is probably one of the things in the Varmint SPS that you’d want to change. Just remember that this is dependent on how you intend to use the rifle, so make sure to pick the right choice.

When choosing an accessory, see to it that whatever you choose is going to improve your overall accuracy and shooting convenience. Make this your goal when you shop for the right gun accessories. Other types of accessories may look badass and may seem cool but do see to it that what you end up with is something you will actually use.

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