Alco Bullets

Before You Go, Check Out Alco Precision Bullets

Highly recommended by Huber Concepts, Alco Bullets are trusted by long range hunters, record holders, match shooters and champions.

The Ultra Low-Drag design projectiles are very streamlined with a long nose and we use either mild steel or aluminum for the Ballistic Tip that intersects the body of the projectile. This does 2 things: One, it increases the Ballistic Coefficient of the projectile, and two it allows the tip to be pushed into the body of the projectile for maximum expansion when hunting game animals and is utterly devastating on Large Game.

Alco makes 6.5mm, 7mm, .308 and .338 bullets in many different weight offerings. The advantage of long range shooting with Alco is not surpassed.

The Rebated boat tail or (RBT) is a hybrid between the accurate flat base projectile and the long range stability of the traditional boat tail projectile. In turn, you get the best of both worlds, and when combined with the ULD design and longer ballistic tip, you get one of the most accurate projectiles.