About John

John F Huber was a US Marine once, He got better! Today, the Trigger Guy!

With a commitment of 17yrs with the USMC, USAR, WI National Guard, and 35 years in machine tools & manufacturing, John serves to improve the scale of resolution in the MOMENT of your decision to fire your firearm for impact on target in Time.

Huber Concepts LLC has been manufacturing rifle trigger systems since 2001, with 5 US Patents, covering a dozen military (including Mauser & Mosin-Nagant) and contemporary (Remington700 &Husqvarna) rifles and many functions/ features. Triggers are designed with mathematics (exponents, not linear), benefits to shooter proficiency and accuracy in Time to greater ranges.

When shooting a rifle, You are Trapping or Tracking the target; it's all about Position & Time Targeting, same as a CNC Machine, or a Beartrap, or driving a speeding car with a map.

Your aim is always the X of the target, happy impacts in 10ring (Bullseye). 10ring impacts are near- misses in time, +/- a few milliseconds early or typically LATE. Round occurs on target not on the aimpoint moment, varies the group size by the width/ duration of the moment of coincidence.

Traditional Staged-Break (Rc-60 Aluminum body) Remington700 pattern

Exponent (Melanite Steel body)

Models in 2-Stage or Single.

Traceable Metrics & Standards.

Exceeds TRADOC Rough Handling Requirements. Sport/Hunting Drop-Safe option available. SHOE Choice - Subdued Curved or Straight; Stainless Steel 17-4 curved

Redundant RH/LH/TRG/50cal SAFETY. Drop-in Installation.

Manufactured in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin by American Veterans.

Safe Firearms Handling Discipline:

  • SAFETY - ON until Ready to Fire ( Conditional Logics )
  • SEE with a CALM EYE (Sight-picture Coincidence Decision Moment )
  • THINK FASTER than the MOMENT ( 2ms )
  • SEE the MOMENT, Call your Shot!

Thank you,

Standing ready,