Mosin Nagant Trigger

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Huber – Keep It Simple Smartly by refining the trigger function in the 1891 3-Line Russian battle rifle by giving a better time perception in the shot sequence. Effectively reduces creep at least 80% with drop-in break weights at 2.5 – 3.5# using original Sear/Spring, mount pin, and screw. This trigger is investment cast in 8620 & 304SS. Some relief clearance may be required. User form adjust ability available from set screws. Safeties are unaffected. Timing is everything, giving you a 3 to 4 fold improvement in accuracy based in time, and resulting in group size reductions by 50%.

Are you looking to bring down your sloppy 8-18 pound trigger pull on your Mosin Nagant Rifle? The Huber Concepts anti friction ball bearing technology will bring your trigger down to a crisp 3 pounds and requires no fitting unlike many of the Timney Triggers. If you’re considering a trigger job, trigger kit, or trigger springs then seriously look at the Huber Concepts drop in fit ball bearing patented trigger for your Mosin Nagant Rifle.

Huber Trigger Torture Test