1903 Springfield Rifle Trigger

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Do you shoot competitions with your Model 1903 Springfield Rifle? The Huber Concepts Springfield trigger gives the shooter the most precise feel and trigger break on the market today. Huber’s anti-friction ball bearing technology makes all the difference.

The M1903 Springfield was meant to be the replacement rifle for the 30/40 Krag Jorgenson then used by Teddy Roosevelt. It should be noted that during the time of WWI Springfield was obligated to pay royalties for patent features to Mauser. Huber triggers offer single and two stage and drop-in break weights about 3#. Creep, overtravel, and ball settings are user adjustable. Typical installation time is 15 – 30 minutes. Single piece design gives more defined tactile sensation through the shot sequence. Follows original shoe profile. Minor wood relief may be required. Teflon coated, polished stainless steel or Ultralite. Incorporates the Huber anti-friction ball patents for low break energies.

Huber Trigger Torture Test